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Meet Letecia "Holly" Tillman

Fresh Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Holly Tillman for Clayton City Council 2

My name is Letecia Tillman. everyone knows me as Holly.


I was born and raised in Barstow, California, a small town in the Mojave Desert. My husband Matt and I bought our house in 2003 because Clayton made me feel at home. Watching our daughters Jordan and Jada grow up in this community has given me a sense of pride that we made the right decision. As a 17-year resident and volunteer in Clayton, I am running for city council because I have a passion for preserving our incredible sense of community, while bringing us into the future through greater inclusivity and transparency.


When I was six years old living in Barstow, we had a new neighbor move in next door and I was excited to have a new friend. One day Douglas saw me reading a book in the front yard and he asked me to read it to him. I tried passing him the book instead, and he lowered his head. The more I insisted, the lower his head dropped. I quietly asked him if he knew how to read and he shook his head. I jumped up and ran in the house to grab my Dick and Jane books and sat down with Douglas for our first lesson. Since then I have always been drawn to helping people.


I left Barstow to attend UCLA where I earned my degree in Sociology. This program taught me the critical listening and observing skills that I would need as a Client Relations Director for a major financial institution. I am a problem solver. My work for the past 20 years requires me to listen carefully to my clients to determine their needs, then find the solutions that work best for them. I take these skills into my personal and community life where I am known as a go-getter—one who meets issues head-on, fearless and always helping to find the best solutions.


I became actively involved in our community when Jordan started elementary school, and I noticed the friction between the teachers and parents while attending Parent Faculty Club (PFC) meetings. I became the PFC president to not only lead the organization, but to also be a catalyst to move the school forward in a positive direction. Since then I have given back to Clayton in many ways, including:

  • Serving on numerous committees benefiting Mt. Diablo Elementary, such as Site Council and Playfield Committee in addition to the PFC

  • Running the St. Bonaventure Track and Field program with Matt for several years

  • Volunteering at CBCA events and eventually serving as the board secretary

  • Organizing Clayton Speaks, a collective formed by Clayton residents to provide a forum for important discussions on race relations.


We are living in an unprecedented time together, and sometimes the range of emotions can be overwhelming. There is a lot going on in Clayton right now—highly charged issues like housing, racism, residents being profiled by police and neighbors feeling unwelcome. Many residents are becoming more active in local politics, engaging on social media and in conversations.


Although emotions are running high, I am hopeful we can foster constructive dialogue going forward.


It’s about time​ we work together as one community.


With the right leadership, we can capture the spirit of respectful, transparent dialogue to preserve our sense of community and become a more inclusive town.


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