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As a life-long resident in the Clayton Valley area, I care about our city, our community, and its future, so it's an honor for me to enthusiastically support Holly Tillman for Clayton City Council.   


Holly and I met when our kids started kindergarten at MDE about 10 years ago. She seemed to be everywhere at once! She was consistently involved in the school community as a member of the PFC, a regular volunteer at school events, and an engaging commenter in school forums on social media. I quickly learned, not only was she involved with the school,  but she knew exactly what was going on in the city, too. I always looked for her comments because she has the unique ability to see "the Big Picture" while staying laser-focused on the finer details. I liked her views, and the way she could easily diffuse a dispute with her quick wit, and get people laughing together, despite their differences. 


As I got to know Holly, I learned more of the things she deeply cares about. Her family is always number one, and it seems the love she has for Matt, and their girls, is the fire in her belly to keep a strong and happy community for all our families. Anyone who knows Holly sees her integrity, her kindness, and knows she shows up passionately and authentically in everything she does. She is the friend you want on your side when you need support. Holly cares about the diverse needs and concerns of our community. She will listen with a fair and open mind, offering ideas and solutions in positive alignment with the changing time in which we're living. 


Many of us have been writing her name in on the ballot, already, just waiting for her to finally run!

Holly Tillman for Clayton City Council. It's about time!

Jill Mahoney - Banks, Clayton Resident

I have known Holly Tillman for 12 years as a colleague on the MDE PFC Board, as a friend, a teammate on our bocce team, as a passionate fundraiser for our schools, a dedicated volunteer and as an involved parent.


My husband and I will be voting for Holly for Clayton City Council because we know she will advocate for our schools, for the future of Clayton, for social justice, and defend what is right.

Please join us in voting for Holly Tillman.

Susan and Chris Halliday, 20-year residents of Clayton


Anyone that knows Holly, knows she is a “go getter.” She’s not afraid to get involved,  handle issues and make decisions with patience, knowledge and a desire to “Do the Right Thing.” She’s been involved in many areas in our community - MDE PFC President, MDE Playground committee, CBCA,  St Bonaventure Track, and most recently, Clayton Speaks, to name just a few. She has shown that, again and again, she’s invested in making Clayton an incredible place to live. 

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Holly for more than 10 years as a community volunteer/supporter, friend and bocce teammate.


We wholeheartedly endorse her for Clayton City Council and ask that you join us by voting for Holly Tillman.


Marc and Sandy Macaulay, Clayton Residents since 2001

My family and I have known Holly Tillman for over 11 years, ever since our kids started school together. Holly has always been for the betterment of not only our schools, but our community as well. Her volunteerism has been wide and varied:  starting with the school parent group, of which she was President, to community events, and now running to be a part of our City Council. Her innovative spirit and all-inclusiveness has been a unique ability of hers to cross many spectrums of today's issues by listening and speaking up with her thoughts and beliefs.


She can lead and she can be an important part of our City voice. Holly has our trust, love and respect as we endorse her.

Patricia and Ernie De Trinidad, 20-year Clayton Residents

I am supporting Holly Tillman for Clayton City Council.


I have been a resident of Clayton for 14 years and have known Holly for 12 of them.  She has continuously been a very active member of our community and has always had the schools and the City of Clayton’s best interest at heart.  

From her time as PFC president at Mt. Diablo Elementary to now she has never stopped working to make things better. Holly is honest, straightforward and will never beat around the bush on any topic presented to her. We would all benefit from her intelligence and positive energy that she would bring to the Board. 

I asked her to run for City Council many years ago and know that I am not the only one to do so.  Holly Tillman has my vote.

Rebecca Nolen, Clayton Resident

I support Holly because I have experienced, firsthand, her work ethic, her intelligence, her common sense, and her commitment to making Clayton a better place.


I have worked with her on several volunteer projects and know that she will be an important asset to the City Council as they navigate the issues facing our community.

Bridget Billeter-Gillespie, Clayton Valley '89 graduate, Clayton resident for 16 years


I have lived in Clayton for 16 years.  I am a school administrator and prior to my current position as Principal/President of St Patrick St Vincent High School, I served the Mt. Diablo Unified community as a vice principal for 12 years. I have known Holly for almost all of the years I have lived in Clayton. Our children are who brought us together as they attended daycare and preschool in Clayton. Our friendship has continued to grow as quickly as our children have.


Holly is an advocate for transparency and a strong voice for inclusion. She listens to those around her and is compassionate and empathetic to the needs of the community. She has successfully initiated and participated in several campaigns and projects around town.


It is an honor to have such a dedicated and passionate leader dedicated to uniting Clayton and moving us forward.

Coleen Martin, Clayton Resident

We have owned in Clayton since 1996 and my husband’s parents, Fred and Charlotte Hollenbeck, moved here in 1981. We first met Holly when our kids attended Clayton Children’s Center.  One thing I’ve learned through all these years of knowing Holly is that she listens to the needs and concerns of the community.


When others sit back, Holly steps up to do the right thing for our families in Clayton. We fully support Holly Tillman for Clayton City Council. 

Finn and Jeanann Birder

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