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Letecia "Holly" Tillman

 for Clayton City Council 2020 
Community - Inclusivity - Transparency

 It's About Time


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Key Issues
Traffic Management & Safety

We live in the Bay Area so there is no getting around traffic. But we can do our best to ensure that our children get to school safely. For years, residents have asked for traffic calming, flashing signs, and other safety measures near our local schools, but none have been implemented. Earlier this year, these safety measures were approved by the council, but due to manufacturing delays they have yet to be installed. If elected, I will not leave these issues on the back burner.

Police & Community Relations


Police are critical to every city and have a responsibility to keep us all safe.


It is also critical that there be mutual respect between our officers and the community. That trust was broken earlier this summer when peaceful protesters were tear gassed over a curfew violation. The relationship needs to be repaired.


I am pleased to see that the city council has formed a public safety ad hoc committee that includes direct conversations between council members, the police chief and residents.


This is a step in the right direction towards transparent, respectful dialogue. I look forward to future discussions, and I offer myself as a resource if needed. You have my commitment to maintain a functioning police department that is active and visible in our community.



Yes, racism exists in Clayton as in the country at large. We are a microcosm of our larger racial environment. As your neighbor, I can tell you that our family has experienced racism firsthand, as have others who hide in their homes because they aren’t comfortable venturing downtown.


If we want to be the inclusive town we say we are, It’s About Time to start addressing racism head-on. We need to have respectful dialogue and get to know each other. 

To that end, we began the “Clayton Speaks,” virtual conversations about the hard issues. We need to continue these conversations. I commend our current city leadership for unanimously adopting an anti-racism resolution, and I look forward to working with the community on ways we can be more inclusive and welcoming neighbors.

High-Density Housing


Our residents are passionate about preserving the character of Clayton and its small-town feel. I also love how Clayton reminds me of the small town I grew up in, which makes me feel at home. 

Voters elect us to listen, assess and consider proposals that come before the council. This is a privilege I take seriously. I am deeply sensitive to our residents’ need to preserve our town’s character and will always consider it when reviewing development proposals. I will also hold developers responsible for listening and assessing community concerns with an eye to active community participation. 

By requiring maximum civic engagement, the council can ensure that all concerns have been addressed and/or mitigated. Residents will know their voices were heard before I vote on every project. Additionally, I am acutely aware that as a fiscal steward of our public funds, I must consider the risk of potential legal challenges and the ramifications on our overall budget. The cost-benefit of litigation against the likelihood of prevailing will definitely carry weight in any decision on development.

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